The Old Guy with Muscular Faith

So far this year I have been re-captured by the stories of the book of Genesis. One of those stories is the story of Abraham (Genesis 12-25). And one of the greatest scenes in Abraham's life is in Genesis 22 when God gives the 100-year-old a final test. A lot had happened in Abraham's life … Continue reading The Old Guy with Muscular Faith


Noah and the supporting cast

You know how all the Sherlock Holmes stories and all the detective shows on TV included both "good guys" and "bad guys?" Well if we imagined a world with only bad guys committing violence with no good guys to pursue justice, that would come close to the world that Noah inhabited in Genesis 6-9. Noah's … Continue reading Noah and the supporting cast

An Uncomfortable Christmas

I recently did a study on John 11 and Jesus' raising Lazarus from the dead. This was an incredible miracle, indeed, the definitive miracle in John's account of Jesus' ministry. This miracle proved that Jesus is greater than death and better than life. But this miracle also showed something about God's character, namely, that God cares … Continue reading An Uncomfortable Christmas