Working (and living) in the Concrete

Concrete and asphalt are not the most exciting solids in the physical world, but I think the people who work with them well are craftsmen in their own right. 5 months have gone by since I started working on the streets doing concrete and asphalt maintenance. These are my rather abstract thoughts about those 5 months. … Continue reading Working (and living) in the Concrete


Noah and the supporting cast

You know how all the Sherlock Holmes stories and all the detective shows on TV included both "good guys" and "bad guys?" Well if we imagined a world with only bad guys committing violence with no good guys to pursue justice, that would come close to the world that Noah inhabited in Genesis 6-9. Noah's … Continue reading Noah and the supporting cast

Homer (the Poet) and Me

In World Literature class lately we have been reading parts of Homer's classic epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey.  A thought has come up in my readings. Homer talks about gods. Several gods. So many gods its hard to keep them distinct in your mind. Homer talks about historical events, too. Mainly events dealing with the Trojan War. The Bible talks … Continue reading Homer (the Poet) and Me