A Poem on Mothers Day 

Imagine  Imagine how God blessed her to give life to a little one with tiny face, with hands that reach out for what they do not even know. Yet she knows them and they begin to find the closeness of the one who gave and then would give.   Imagine how desire strong to know— in … Continue reading A Poem on Mothers Day 


The End of All the Scribbling

I think I have to begin this post by giving an account for the mysterious 3-month gap in my writings on this blog. The account I've told myself is that, at the end of the day, blog posts don't put food on the table. (That is to say, my blog posts don't put food on the table... … Continue reading The End of All the Scribbling

The dead (but not boring) preacher

In church yesterday I was thinking about Acts 7 and the genius of Stephen's sermon. In Acts 6:13-14 the Jewish religious leaders accuse Stephen of speaking blasphemous words about the temple, the Mosaic law, Moses, and Jesus. Stephen preaches a sermon in Acts 7 that is a response to that accusation. The sermon is inductive (moving … Continue reading The dead (but not boring) preacher