Confessions of a Greek Geek

You can call seminary a lot of things. Seminary is for "putting tools in your toolbox," or for "deepening your well" as a minister. A term we seminarians throw when we think about our homework or about our budgets or about all the sacrifices our wives make is "season." Its only a season, we tell ourselves … Continue reading Confessions of a Greek Geek


“Feast for Theives” is a Feast for Readers

Marcus Brotherton is an author and blogger who recently published his first novel, called Feast for Theives. The novel has an intriguing premise: Rowdy Slater, a WWII veteran, returns home to Texas after the war and runs afoul of the law. He then is inwardly convicted about his crime and wants to turn his life around and follow … Continue reading “Feast for Theives” is a Feast for Readers