The End of All the Scribbling

I think I have to begin this post by giving an account for the mysterious 3-month gap in my writings on this blog. The account I’ve told myself is that, at the end of the day, blog posts don’t put food on the table. (That is to say, my blog posts don’t put food on the table… some other folks have been able to make that work.) Not that putting food on the table is all there is to life, but it sure is nice to eat… and there is something to be said for simply doing what needs to be done and taking rest when we get a chance.

A lot has happened in the past 3 months, it seems. Some major highlights: I ran a half marathon. I acquired my class B Commercial Drivers License. Chloe and I found out we are having a baby next spring. But that all seems like a blur. Time goes by so fast!

And I am already in countdown mode again. Counting down for my birthday (tomorrow!), counting down the days until graduation (6), counting down the days until Christmas (22), counting down the days until we move from Texas (95ish).

I think the Israelite folks in the biblical prophet Malachi’s day were counting down the days (so to speak) until their Messiah would show up. Those Israelite folks were confused. It seemed to them that God had withheld good things from them. And on top of that, it seemed to them that arrogant and evil people prospered in the world and that God wouldn’t do anything about it.

God promised that He would visit His people and that justice would come like the heat of the rising sun. For some people, that heat would be a deadly heat that would consume them from the inside out. For other people, the heat would come like a welcome, refreshing sunrise after a chilly night.

Jesus’ coming to earth was a kind of heat. As the baby in the manger grew into a man, He exhibited a spiritual heat that made some people shrivel up even more inside because they would not let go of their pride and envy and anger. At the same time, some people who had long been lost in the cold found a welcome light and heat in Jesus’ presence.

I realized today that there will come a time when none of us (myself included) will be counting down to anything.

For us too there will be a time when the sun rises with the kind of heat that divides us. When Jesus comes back to end all pride, all envy, all anger, all gun violence, all terrorist acts, all murder, all rapes, all miscarriages, all cancers, all car accidents, all drunken abuses, all drownings, all hurricanes, all tsunamis,  and all suffering, some people could find that… deadly.

And those people might not look like “that kind” of people. Those people might appear to care about all sorts of good causes and appear to have their life all together. But deep down their pride is stiff-arming God as they refuse to admit their need for a Savior. Jesus’ exclusive authority will seem deadly to them.

When Jesus comes back to intensify all that is truly real, good, beautiful, stunning, enduring, and eternal, some people will find it to be healing.

And some of those people would be people that perhaps we would have considered to be beyond healing. Life hit those people too hard or they dug too deep a hole for themselves, or both. But Jesus’ inexhaustible love will bring about their salvation.

I don’t know where you are on your spiritual journey and I don’t know if you find Jesus to be deadly or to be healing. All I know is that my scribblings and my life are meant to display the healing that Jesus can give. I hope that through my blog and through my life you have come in contact with Jesus. Because when Jesus returns, my limited scribblings will have ended.


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